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ACENORCA - Quality, Environment and Innocuousness Policy

At ACENORCA we consider that the Management of Quality, the Environment and Innocuousness in foods, is a fundamental element in business Management, in ever more globalised and competitive ambits, the Clients are continuously increasing their demands for the products they require but within the framework of sustainable development.

Within this ambit, ACENORCA aims to be a leading Company identified with the term QUALITY, INNOCUOUSNESS and committed to the ENVIRONMENT, and our fundamental premise is therefore:

"To orientate our processes to respond to the expectations and needs of our Clients, in order to achieve, maintain and improve their level of satisfaction with the lowest possible environmental cost".

Specifically, at ACENORCA we define our QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT AND INNOCUOUSNESS POLICY as the fulfilment of the following premises:

  • Commitment in fulfilling the legislation, regulations and other requirements that are applied to the company’s activities and to the norms that ACENORCA endorses, keeping these requirements updated at all times.
  • Always keep personnel informed about their responsibilities and rights.
  • Commitment to prevent contamination through effective control of the activities that generate environmental impacts and the practical action against any possible environmental emergencies.
  • To maintain the best Professional Ethics when developing our products .
  • To study and adjust to market changes regarding new and improved products.
  • Constant improvement in our productive systems with investments and equipment installation modernisation if needed, as well as the continuous minimisation of our environmental aspects.
  • To adjust our management system and Client care, preventing the appearance of defects and placing emphasis on contamination prevention.
  • To maximise the Quality of our products through:
    1. Obtaining the best raw material available in the region regarding organoleptic quality as well as hygienic-sanitary quality.
    2. The application of good manufacturing practices through the permanent training of our staff in this practice.
    3. The exceptional packaging and labelling of the finished product.
    4. The constant vigilance of all process stages in order to be able to act immediately if any anomaly is detected.

As the first step to guarantee its working, ACENORCA is committed to Continuous Improvement, through the design and implementation of an Integrated System in accordance with the International Norms UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and with the IFS and BRC protocols (only applied to the Curing Factory).

Likewise, to ensure that everybody involved the Quality, Environment and Innocuousness know policy and that the aims are achieved thanks to the diffusion and communication carried out by the Director of Quality to all the different levels in the organisation, as well as the distribution of the documents that are applicable in the different work stations.

This Quality, Environment and Innocuousness in Foods Policy, is the same for all the activities and processes carried out by ACENORCA in its installations, and therefore be able to achieve an improvement in the elaboration process, sales and the elaboration of its oils and table olives.

These premises define the way ACENORCA understands Quality, respect for the Environment and Innocuousness.

Download the official document on the Quality and Innocuousness Policy (PDF Format) Download the official document on the Quality and Innocuousness Policy (PDF Format)

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