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ACENORCA - Nutrition and properties

The EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is considered to be an authentic juice that offers mnay benefits for the organism The EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil from the manzanilla cacereña olive, in comparison with other olive varieties, is characterised by having a peculiar fatty acid profile as the percentage of oleic acid is generally above 75%, which clearly distinguishes it from the others and also highlights its great stability against the rancidness shown in other sweet oils from other varieties.

It is considered to be an authentic juice that offers many benefits for the organism as opposed to oils that are not olive oils, this helps to prevent cardiovascular illnesses and arteriosclerosis by reducing the cholesterol levels, exercising beneficial effects on the digestive system, improving the metabolic functions, favouring bone mineralisation, delaying aging and, according to recent studies, it moderates the appetite.

Extra virgin olive oil offers advantages as it is the only one with an important antioxidant effect, and it also allows us to use less amounts to dress foods and to fry, it stands higher temperatures before decomposing like other oils.

The olive stands out for its high nutritional values. Its fat is very healthy as unsaturated fatty acids predominate over saturated and, especially, oleic type monounsaturated acid. It is also a good source of dietetic fibre, very easy to digest. Olives stand out for their vitamin E antioxidant content and black olives provide iron.

Wine has low nutritional values. Its most prominent properties are that it favours arterial pressure for people with hypertension, it also stops kidney stones, and it facilitates digestion and can act on our brain to prevent some nervous illnesses.

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