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ACENORCA - Field technicians

At Acenorca the technical department is made up of field technicians where each one is the title holder of some 3.000 Hectares of olive trees grouped in ATRIAS and APRIAS (Groups for Integrated Controls in Agriculture) that the company has made. These cover a group of base cooperatives distributed amongst various municipalities with olives in various locations in the north of Extremadura.

Works they carry out:

  • Set up and apply Ecological Production techniques and the Integrated Fight, improving food quality and reducing the impact on the Environment.
  • Assessment about crops.
  • Paperwork and assessment about subsidies and agricultural policies that the producers can adhere to, like the P.A.C. (Community Agrarian Policy).
  • Agronomic assessment, taking of samples and soil analysis.
  • Specialised assessment for members of ecological and integrated olive production.
  • Quality controls in reception centres during the Harvest campaigns.

Main plagues and diseases in the olive crop:

  • Peacock spot and Tuberculosis are the main olive tree diseases.
  • Apical aseptic rot, the soapy Olive and chocolaty olive are the main infections during harvesting.
  • The olive fly, prays and the Euzophera as main plagues in the area.

Main plagues and diseases in the vine crop:

  • Mildew and powdery mildew in grapes, which are diseases caused by fungi.
  • Woodworm in the grape bunches, the green mosquito, the red spider and the yellow spider as the main crop plagues.

Groups for Integrated Controls in Agriculture

SGS System Certification Denominación de Origen Protegida Gata-Hurdes

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